Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally... the secret to an 'easy' run!

Jody Durand and I joined Paula Muxlow for her tempo run today in Ailsa Craig. Paula's training for the Scotiabank Marathon in Toronto which is the same weekend as the Wine Glass Marathon in Corning, New York -- September 30. It worked out really well: Paula was targeting a 5:30/k pace (8:48/mile) and my Runners World chart said I should be doing a 9:02 'easy run' pace. Paula needed to do 12K and I needed to do 11.2k (7 miles).

We all met at Paula's place at 7:00 am and took off for our run. The air was literally 'thick' -- you could see the fog in many areas. There were hills and valleys in this run, so it had its mini challenges. Paula wanted a few walk breaks to rehydrate, which was also good. In the end, we finished an 11.3k run in 1:06:24, for a 5:52/k (9:23/mile) pace, including walk breaks.

Finally I was able to do a run slower than my target pace -- and with Paula's and Jody's company, it was very pleasant. Speaking of Jody, he did very well and finished strong. But we were all drenched with sweat because of the humidity.

Another good day!

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