Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 km Repeats

We did kilometre repeats down at Gibbons park today. The weather was good -- a bit warm, but not terrible. I was targeting 4 minute kilometres x 7 repeats, with 2 minutes rest in between. Here is how it ended up:


The first kilometre could have been faster -- the group of us were all conserving, but conserving a bit too much. After that, we were all pretty consistent. But I couldn't stay with the group after the 5th repeat -- it was all I could do to knock off the 4:20's that I did.

The good news, though, was that my hips weren't sore, as they had been when we first started doing speed work. My back was a tiny bit sore that night, but nothing serious. So it is possible that all this speed work is having the positive effect for which we've been looking!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ladder - 400 m to 1.6 km and back...

Tonight we did a "ladder" for our speedwork. I was targeting a pace of 1:45 per 400 m. Here are the times I was able to achieve:

400m: 1:32
800m: 3:19
1200m: 5:04
1600m: 6:45
1200m: 5:10
800m: 3:27
400m: 1:36

Breaks between each of 200m, which varied between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes.

So I beat the target time each loop, but it got harder as the times went on.