Sunday, February 24, 2008

'Killer Week' - Part Trois

After my really good run on Friday, I wasn't ready for anything overly strenuous today and so the 8 to 10 mile easy run that Brian suggested worked out perfectly. It also worked out well for Jenny, who joined us for our 9.1 mile run, and then ran home for a total run of 13.9 miles (22.25 km) with a very consistent pace of between 6:12 and 6:15 per kilometer. She had an excellent run, despite being frozen at the end of it (fingers and toes, mostly) and the fact that she was running alone without a pace bunny or GPS to help her keep pace.

My run was good too -- especially considering that my right knee started bothering me after my Friday run. Jenny did some research and we believe that I'm experiencing "patellofemoral pain syndrome" since I'm feeling pain under and around my kneecap. The funny part is that when I run, its not an issue. But an hour after I've stopped running and I try to climb stairs or something is when it starts to bother me.

Anyhow, I've started to put ice packs on it regularly (a couple of times a day at least) and I've popped a couple of ibuprophen and both tactics seem to be doing the trick. I'm taking it easy on the ibuprophen (just had 1 today) since I don't want to overstress anything by 'working through the pain'. If it hurts too much, I should just stop. At the same time, I know that ibuprophen should reduce the swelling which should help it heal faster.

Next run... the long (18 mile) tempo run that Brian has planned for me on Tuesday. I'm really not looking forward to it!

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