Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Long Run - 19.6 Miles, Lambeth to Port Stanley

Our polo tournament was cancelled today because of all the rain we received yesterday, so I did the Runners Choice marathon training group run from Copps Buildall in Lambeth, down to Port Stanley. Coach Brian and co-trainee Jed ran with me, as did fellow runner Brian Murphy. Our gaggle of runners knocked off surprisingly consistent long-run times of between 8:27/mile to 8:47/mile, with an overall average of 8:32 per mile.

We had been targeting 8:30's to 8:40's. Jed and I ramped it up over the last 1.5 miles to 8:00 and 7:27, so we came over the finish line strong -- although I thought I might woof my cookies. Jed ran a really strong run, particularly at the end.

At the finish, a wander into lake quickly cooled me off, and the food and drink at GT's was exactly what I needed -- although my appetite wasn't huge. I was more dehydrated than anything.

Anyhow, it was a good run, especially considering the plan called for a 16 miler today.

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