Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parloff Relay

Jenny and I did a Parloff Relay today at Runner's Choice speed work, held at TD Waterhouse Stadium in London today. We did 400 m. loops of the track and passed off the baton to each other. Here were our times: 1:31 (Bruce) 1:42 (Jenny) 1:33 (Bruce) 1:39 (Jenny) 1:32 (Bruce) 1:36 (Jenny) 1:38 (Bruce) 1:36 (Jenny) 1:35 (Bruce) 1:34 (Jenny) 1:33 (Bruce) 1:33 (Jenny) 1:32 (Bruce) 1:29 (Jenny) 1:31 (Bruce) 1:30 (Jenny) 1:31 (Bruce) These times are pretty close to what I was doing a year ago -- except that Jenny was fast enough that I had to do a 9th lap this time. But for the first 8 laps, I was only off last year's total time by 21 seconds -- and 11 of those were in the 8th lap. While I could feel the hamstring, I still felt like I had acceptable speed and strength. I'm now not worrying about potentially pulling it since I don't have a goal race in mind. If I make it sore by working it really hard, it should repair itself to be even stronger.

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