Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fartleks around Gibbons Park

We did fartleks ("speed play" in Swedish) around Gibbons Park tonight. The concept is to go fast for a certain distance, then slow to recover, and repeat. In this case, we ran fast for roughly 400 m., took a break for about 300 m., then fast for 600 m. and then another 300 m. break.

Here are my "fast" segments:





As you can see from the times above, I generally got faster with each lap -- until the very last one where I was just barely faster than my first 600 m(-ish) lap. Part of the reason that I got faster was that a young woman that was in the group, Christine, and I kept pushing each other to keep up an aggressive pace. But she stopped after 4 pairs of repeats so my last one wasn't quite as fast.

After this, The Legendary John Ferguson had us do hill repeats up the road down into the park. While I could feel my hamstring during the fartleks, I could _really_ feel it during the hill repeats. But you could tell that the faster runners definitely had the best strength and speed on the hill repeats.

Then 20 push-ups, 20 situps and 3 minutes of a plank.

So, since my hamstring didn't blow up on me, I'm pretty happy with how the workout ended!

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