Saturday, February 23, 2013

Long run in Michigan - 16.6 miles

The girls and I went to Michigan this weekend, so I was going to miss my Sunday run with the Runner's Choice marathon training group. The schedule called for 18 miles, but my &^%$&*ing Garmin wouldn't pick up a satellite signal again. Very frustrating. So, instead, I went based on doing a 2 hour 30 minute run. I ran out from the Days Inn Hotel on Plymouth Road and (eventually) got onto the E.N. Hines Parkway.

The Parkway had only light traffic and wide shoulders, which was good because the trail that ran along beside the road was snow-covered in most places. Overall, I did 8:30 per mile to the turn-around point, and then somewhat slower on the way back, giving me an average pace of 8:49 per mile.

Here is the route:

So, not the distance or pace I would have liked, but considering I was running alone in a new place, it wasn't terrible.

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