Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas runs...

I've continued my regular runs -- typically 8 to 9 kilometres, with an occasional 12k thrown in for good measure. But any time we've gone to do a 16k run, the weather has been absolutely crappy. One day it was so bad that the OPP closed the main road in and out of Lucan (we didn't know and drove in on a side road). Another day, the wind was howling around us. But kudos to my wife, Jenny, and my youngest daughter, Tori, for running on both these days for 8.5k.

On some Saturdays, I'm the only Shamrock running so I use the opportunity to go for some speed. My last speed run 'around the block' to the southwest of Tim Hortons was done in 40:14, for an average pace of 4:46/k (7:40/mile). I'm going to need to do slightly better than that pace if I want to beat a 1:40 half marathon in Disney on January 12.

So, for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to need to concentrate on losing a few of the lbs. I've gained over Christmas, and then working to get my pace time down a few more seconds and for a bit longer distance.

Tough to do, though, when you're wearing four layers of clothing!

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