Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve run...

For the second year in a row, a bunch of Shamrocks did an easy run from Lucan to our house, leaving Tim Horton's at 9:05 pm and pulling into our driveway about 9:55 pm.

It was an absolutely beautiful night -- perfect for running -- and perhaps a wintery example of how nice it can be during the Shore-To-Shore night-time runs.

Paula's husband, John, paced with us as did Heather Marr's boyfriend, Leigh, so we had plenty of light on the road and identification for oncoming traffic. The escort by John and Leigh was definitely appreciated.

All told there were 7 runners -- Paula, Heather, Jed De Jong, Jenny, Karen, Tori and me -- so with all of our headlamps and reflective gear, I think we looked fairly impressive out there.

Jed's wife, Cathy, and my mother and her friend, Annie, joined us after the run and we sipped champagne (and beer), chatted, and toasted the new year at midnight.

In the morning, seeing as I didn't have a hangover (!), I ran back into Lucan to get our Jeep. We'd had about 5 inches of snow overnight, so I think some drivers thought I was nuts (as per usual). Again, very similar to the Shore to Shore! :-)

Hopefully an annual event!

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