Thursday, January 17, 2008

Arrrggghh -- Back to speed work

We had 4 Shamrocks running today -- pretty good for a Wednesday. Brian and I met Rita and Val at Val's gym to go out for a 5k run.

It all started out easily enough with lots of chat about last weekends run, both at Disney and in Lucan. But then I mentioned that my race training chart said I should be doing 3 miles at 7:06/mile separated by 1/2 mile jogs. Well, Brian and I started to pick up the pace and before long we decided to try to achieve that pace.

The first speed work mile was at just under 7:00 -- not bad for running into the wind. By the time we had started the second speed work mile, we had the wind behind us and we started off far too fast -- roughly 6:15/mile -- so we spent the next few minutes slowing down to get closer to a 7:04 finish. But it was the third speed work mile that had me working the hardest. I struggled the whole way, but particularly in the last half mile. Brian was great -- giving me a target to pass in order to stay on pace and urging me to dig deep to finish. Certainly this was the toughest running I'd done since Niagara and my coach's help allowed me to get the most out of the run.

My muscles are still feeling the effects of the run which I'm hoping means that they're working to get stronger.

I'm down to just over 8 weeks until the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, so the training is going to get tougher and longer quickly!

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