Monday, April 20, 2009

I did it! 3:30:38!

What a tough race. The Newton hills really do rip up your legs. It took absolutely everthing I had to finish it under 3:30:59 -- the maximum time allowed to qualify to run Boston again next year. So I BQ'd in Boston!

But my legs were like spaghetti at the end. I collapsed after the first timing mat and I was in a wheelchair before I knew it and was hustled off to the medical tent. I spent about 45 minutes there -- rehydrating and getting some salt into me. Many thanks to nurse Deena from Leamington Ontario, coincidentally (about 2 hours from Lucan) who took excellent care of me, and the rest of the staff in the medical tent was top notch -- Doctor Dave, nurse Tara and all of the volunteers helping out.

More posts later -- but for now, I'm going back to 'rehydrating'. :-)

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