Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tempo run back in the Great White North

Jenny and I did 10 miles including 7 miles at tempo pace through the streets of Lucan tonight. The laps were 10:04, 8:53, 8:20, 8:21, 8:16, 8:14, 8:12, 8:20, 8:12 and 9:35. The weather was good -- about -3 C. with minimal wind. About half the roads were bare and dry, the other half was snow-covered and slippy.

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Annie Garner said...

Non-related to your blog post about your training run but would you give Jenny a message from me? "Have fun at Boston; Enjoy the moment; kick asphalt!! ...and hope you aren't crawling across the finish line. hee."

Hope all is well.
Annie from Cruise to Run