Thursday, July 25, 2013

9 Mile Tempo Run

Tonight, we did a 9 mile tempo run. The weather was good -- dry and relatively cool (around 21 degrees). We targeted the 4.4 miles out at 8:30 per mile and the 4.4 miles back at 7:30 per mile. Bernie Leforte run with me the entire way. Jenny was just behind us. We met Sandy on the run back, who is training to do a 3:35 in Corning if all goes well.

Here are our splits:

8:27 (pace for 0.4 miles)
7:15 (including up the hill at Harris Park)
7:26 (pace for 0.36 miles)

Average for the entire 9 miles was 7:57. This is possibly the best tempo run I've ever done -- certainly in recent memory! The pace for the last 4.36 miles was 4:35 per kilometre -- about a half second per kilometre faster than March 29, 2012 and almost as fast a the 4:31 per kilometre on October 25, 2011 -- but the course tonight (from Gibbons Park to the bridge at Thames Valley Golf Course and back again) is much more difficult than anything I do locally. So, tonight was a very good run!

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