Friday, October 25, 2013

Last (7 mile) Tempo Run before Road2Hope Marathon...

Well, the taper continues. Today, I went out to do a 7 mile (11.3 km) tempo run. Rather than go into Gibbons Park yesterday (Thursday) and run in the rain and HAIL, I (wisely, as it turned out) waited until today. Still, it was tough getting out the door because it was cold and gloomy out.

But, once I was running, I felt pretty good. I had on my bright orange Corning Wineglass Marathon shirt and my black-with-blue shorts, my ear warmers and my Boston Marathon string gloves. It was 7 degrees C. (45 F.) so it was chilly, but certainly not unbearably so.

My goal was to go out at 5:13/km (8:24/mile) and back at 4:40 per km (7:30/mile). Here are my splits:
5:14 (pace 650 m.)
4:34 (pace for 650 m.)

My average pace on the way back was 4:39 per km (7:31 per mile). I was working hard to get below 4:40 as I seemed to want to settle into a 4:45 pace.

Now, this was up Saintsbury from my office and then turn around and come back. So it wasn't a hilly route, other than the first big hill in the valley after the turn-around.

Average pace was 4:53/km -- my target marathon pace.

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