Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 mile easy run before Around the Bay...

John just had us doing a 5 mile easy run 3 days before the Around the Bay 30 K race. Here is the route:

The temperature was above zero for the first time in recent memory, so I wore shorts for the run. It was fine -- I wasn't cold at all. I ran with Christine Dirks and Jackie ____, a young runner who will be doing her second marathon in May.

After the run, we all met back at Crabby Joe's on Dundas near Wellington for a bit of a pre-ATB party. Great fun!

This was one of those perfect days for me. Got some productive work done. Rode my horse. Went for a run. Had a beer or 3 with my running buddies. Played hockey. Had a couple of beers with my hockey buddies. Live is good!

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