Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Speed Work - Around Harris Park

We were in a transition period this week for our speed work. We are done training in Thompson Arena, but the Gibbons Park path isn't quite clear from the spring flooding. So this week, The Legendary John Ferguson had us doing loops around Harris Park. We started with a a fast stretch along Wilson St. (roughly 700 m.). We took it easy over Blackfriars Bridge and down into Harris Park. Then back up the hill quickly to Ridout St. Back down Queens Ave. to Wilson at a jog and then repeat. 2.8 km total.

Here is the loop: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6252107

After doing just 1 loop, I didn't think I'd get through the 4 repeats that John was recommending. But Christine Dirks worked with me along with some company from Ann Frost, I got through all four repeats. This is where the group environment really helps.

Fast along Wilson: 3:02 (4:20/k or 6:58/mile)
Jog to Harris Park Parking Lot: 6:10
Up Harris Park Hill: 1:32
Jog to Wilson St.: 3:53

Fast along Wilson: 3:13 (4:35/k or 7:24/mile)
Jog to Harris Park Parking Lot: 6:00
Up Harris Park Hill: 1:33
Jog to Wilson St.: 4:07

Fast along Wilson: 3:18 (4:42/k or 7:35/mile)
Jog to Harris Park Parking Lot: 6:29
Up Harris Park Hill: 1:33
Jog to Wilson St.: 4:20

Fast along Wilson: 3:20 (4:46/k or 7:40/mile)
Jog to Harris Park Parking Lot: 6:46
Up Harris Park Hill: 1:30
Jog to Wilson St.: 4:42

I was particularly pleased with my last hill climb, which was my fastest time of all. But I had nothing left on the last run down Wilson. Christine was considerably faster than me on those stretches.

It was pretty cold out, still, when we started running. -6 degrees, I believe. So it wasn't quite short weather yet.

The legs were sore by the end, though, so I was pretty happy that we got a good workout and that I didn't bail before completing all elements.

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