Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Speed Work - 10 x 1 Mile Repeats on a Cool Night

It was about 12 degrees C. when we did our final speed work session of the season at Gibbons Park -- 10 repeats of a mile each separated by a 2:30 break. This is the one that the Legendary John Ferguson really wanted us to do well -- which is why he was okay recommending that I pull the plug on last-week's repeats: Tonight's was the one that mattered.

I ran with Jenny, who is running extremely well. In fact, she was looking for more aggressive times than I was, targeting 7 minute miles, although she was going to do 8 instead of 10 repeats. I was looking for between 7:00 and 7:15. Here are our splits (and for some, Jenny was a few seconds ahead of me):


The first one, Jenny didn't want to push the pace. It was going to be what it was going to be.

My watch didn't save the last 5 laps, so they are more of an educated guess. The last two are 7:11.something I know. Anyhow, if you believe those numbers, my average pace was 7:09.14 -- and if you just use the last 9 repeats, the pace was 7:06.99. I ran the last two with Meredith McQuade, and we were targeting 7:15. I could have gone faster in the 9th repeat, but I don't think I had anything extra for the 10th!

Looking back at my previous 10 x 1 Mile repeats, there weren't many, actually:

I killed this one back in 2011:


and that is all I could find, going back to 2007! So I guess we'll call this my second best 10 x 1's ever! :-)

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