Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tempo Run - 6.67 miles from Gibbons Park

After a lousy speed work session 2 days ago, I wasn't sure how things would go for the tempo run tonight. I'd been stretching and foam rolling daily, plus I'd taken an ibuprofen at 6 am and then two more at noon. The goal was to go out slowly and then come back 3 miles at a tempo pace (I figured 4:35 to 4:40 per kilometre would be fine). It was unseasonably warm -- about 20 degrees C -- when we started the run. Jenny and I ran together out to the turnaround at the Saturn playground, and I followed her back for most of the tempo pace until I passed her on the downhill after the Harris Park hill. Here are my splits:

5:15 (pace for 360 m.)
4:30 (includes Harris Park!)
4:26 (pace for 380 m.)

My pace on the way back was 4:29.33 per kilometre (7:13.62 per mile), and my overall pace was 4:51/K (7:49/mile). I am not seeing anywhere in this blog that I have done _this_ tempo run (6 miles from Gibbons Park), so this would have to be the personal best for this specific run. But even without a direct comparison, I couldn't find anything approaching these times for a 7 or 8 mile tempo, so I'm pretty happy with tonight's run -- especially since I was courting injury 2 days ago!

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