Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Speed work: 9 miles attempted, 2 miles completed: Courting injury!

Tonight, we were scheduled to do 9 1-mile repeats with a 2:30 break between each repeat. But even during the warm-up, I knew it wouldn't go well.

My first repeat I thought I'd try just hitting a 7:30 mile, which should be easy. But 7:37 was all I could manage without hurting in my left hip / IT band. The next mile was no better: 7:37. So I pulled the plug on the run. Jenny, Coach John and Brian all agreed (and were surprised) with the decision.

For the next couple of days, the plan would be lots of stretches, 15 minutes per day on the foam roller, and ibuprofen whenever there was any pain, in order to reduce the inflammation.

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