Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ragnar Tennessee 2015 - Team Best - 26:47:33

Another epic adventure with the Geezer Guys at the Ragnar Tennessee 198 mile relay race this weekend. Our finish time was 26:47:33.4 (approximately) which placed us 2nd out of 6 teams in the Men's Masters division, and would have placed us 4th out of 29 in the Men's Open division. Overall we were 18th out of 295 teams.

Team members this year were:
(Capt'n) Bob Weir
(Rocky) Kevin Garlick
(Ripper) Bob Ripley
(Easy) Gord Ball
(Geswin) Nick Groot
(Rotten) John Ferguson
(Sir) Eric Martin
(Iron) Mike Blencowe
(Stallion) Bruce Lamb
(La Duke) Dave LaDouceur
(G-Man) Gerald Macdougall
(Wheezer) Arnie Spivey

... although Wheezer Geezer was only able to join us after the actual race was done due to work commitments.

There were some very tough legs -- one so tough the La Duke got a medal just for completing it -- 10.2 miles with an elevation gain of 1079 ft and elevation loss of 1161 feet!  I had the second-toughest (1303 ft of elevation gain, 171 feet of elevation loss), and no question the toughest 10 K I've ever done.  I walked-ran about two-thirds of it.

Comparing to other Ragnars, this was our team best:

Chicago (2011): 28:34-ish, estimated by Arnie (3rd Mens Masters, 192.5 miles-ish)
Las Vegas (2012): 27:43:13.3 (3rd Mens Masters, 20th out of 230 teams, 196 miles)
Colorado (2013): 28:26:42.7 (2nd Mens Masters, 23rd out of 194 finishers, 192 miles)
Adirondacks (2014): 27:04 (2nd Mens Masters, 30th out of 295 finishers, 197 miles)
Tennessee (2015): 26:47:33 (2nd Mens Masters, 18th out of 292 teams, 194.8 miles)

Everyone gave it their best on every run and, most importantly, no runners went off course!

Another awesome weekend with the Geezers.  So looking forward to the next one!

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