Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Beautiful Day for a Run

Today I went out for an easy run -- really. Jenny and Tori needed to do 7 miles (11k) for their schedule and I needed to do 9 miles. Kelly joined us which worked very well as Kelly and I were able to do a nice easy pace which was still faster than Jenny and Tori -- but then we doubled back to rejoin them at each corner in our route around Lucan. This process not only kept my running pace in check, but the doubling-back at the corners allowed me to get my extra 2 miles in while doing the same route.

It was a gorgeous day for a run -- cool (around 18 degrees C./64F.) and sunny with a very slight breeze. Possibly the nicest day this summer!

Our pace varied from between 8:30/mile to 9:30/mile with an average pace of 9:01/mile -- perfect!

We ran into Jed during one of our legs. He was doing a 16 mile easy run. He had pulled a hamstring during speed work earlier in the week but was running without pain when we saw him. Looks like we're both flirting with injuries between his hammy and my fall earlier this week. These next 4 weeks are going to be torture trying to train well, but keep away from last-minute injuries!

On a totally different topic, this past week Jenny and I went to a meeting in preparation for the 2008 Shore to Shore running relay. For anyone who hasn't done a long distance relay race, this one is a blast. It turns what is otherwise an individual sport into a team sport. For 24 to 30 hours, you and your team are cheering each other on, exchanging stories about each others' runs and occasionally trying to get a few hours of shut-eye. We're going to try ramp our group up to 18-20 runners and field two teams of 9 or 10 runners each. Apparent Runners Choice's John Ferguson the legend helped to field eight teams from his group last year, so we should be able to put two together.

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