Saturday, September 22, 2007

Take it easy...

...was the operative phrase today. Jenny, Tori and I headed out of the house at around 7:45 am, down to William Street to meet Paula and Gwyn, who were making their way on Paula's long run (20 miles!) from Ailsa Craig to Lucan and back.

Our timing was excellent as we were at the designated meeting spot about 2 minutes ahead of them. Tori and Jenny started immediately towards Lucan while I went in the opposite direction to meet Paula and Gwyn.

Running with Paula and Gwyn was exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak. They were targeting 10:30/mile which, while slower than my Runners World chart (8:40/mile) was exactly where I need to be mentally -- not pushing the pace! I ran with Paula and Gwyn just to the outskirts of Lucan before turning around and running the rest of the way back with Tori and Jenny.

Tori was definitely not having a good day and to keep the pace to her level was challenging to say the least. While she is definitely capable of doing 10 minute miles, we were doing more like 12 minute miles (7:30/k.). She carried on, though, and we made it back having done just shy of 8 miles (12.8 k). So Tori is 2/3 of the way to hitting her 1/2 marathon distance.

All-in-all, it was a good run for me. I was forced to relax and I was able to come back without being drenched in sweat and ready to go back to bed for four hours. Can't say the same for Tori, though! :-)

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