Sunday, January 20, 2013

12.5 Mile Long Run Around London

I did a 12.5 mile long run today around London with the Around the Bay Marathon Training Group. Definitely made a difference being with he group as I don't think I would have finished the long run had I been out there on my own. Here is the route:

Not including breaks, it took me 1:51:48 to do this route. I didn't have my GPS so I don't have splits, but it worked out to 8:57 per mile. Considering that (a) it was a hilly route, (b) it was very windy (45 km/h winds), slippy and cold (-8 C) today and (c) it is still early in the training, I was reasonably happy with this pace.

My right hamstring definitely noticed the uphill segments -- I just didn't have any power. But what I lost in the uphill, I was generally able to make up in the downhill segments.

I gave blood on Friday, and I know that giving blood sorta screws up my running for a few days. So that could have also screwed up my time.

Anyhow, this gives me a benchmark for future long runs during this training session.

9 more weeks until Around the Bay!

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