Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Speed Work - 7 x 400 + 2 x 200 m.

Tonight was our first official speed work session of the 2013 Winter season. My goal race is Around the Bay -- 30K. John Ferguson had us doing 7 repeats of 400 m. followed by 2 repeats of 200 m. (with a 200 m. rest break in between each repeat) at the Thompson Arena track at Western.

I was targeting 1:40 per 400 m. and 45 seconds for the 200 m. loops at the end. Here are my splits:

0:43 (200 m.)
0:42 (200 m.)

As you can see, I started to ramp up the speed for the last few repeats. Compare these times to my times a year ago (2 months after my hamstring injury) and there is no question that I've almost fully recovered. In fact, I wouldn't say that my right hamstring was any more stressed during the last laps than other parts of my legs (right hip, left calf).

So far, training is off to a good start!

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