Monday, March 4, 2013

10K Tempo Run - A bit better this time...

This afternoon I went out for another 10K tempo run. This one went much better than last week's, so I'm ready to ramp it up to 12K next time.

I was looking for 5:15's out, and then 4:35's back. But there was quite a headwind coming back, so I didn't quite make my target times. Here are my splits:

5:13 (uphill)
4:33 (downhill)
4:55 (strong headwind)
4:54 (strong wind from side)

Total time was 49:27 with an average pace of 4:57 per kilometre. So, not awful -- and 6 seconds per kilometre faster than last week. Would definitely be good if I could get it down to an average of 4:50 per k. 3 weeks to go until the race!

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