Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Speedwork: 5 x 1K Repeats

Tonight, coach John Ferguson, the Legend, had us doing 1 km repeats, with a 2 minute break between repeats. I went out hoping to get 6 repeats in, but I knew it would be tough. Here are my splits:


It took everything I had to get these 5 in at this pace. The last repeat I could see things were falling apart. I was aiming for 4:10 per km, so I was quite happy with the results. And all but the last lap were 4:10:nn -- but rounding up put 3 of them to 4:11. My average pace was 4:11.54, which compares to 4:20.4 a year ago, and 4:05 on August 16 2011, 3 months before I set my personal best marathon time.

So, again, there is progress in the recovery from my hamstring injury in November 2011. I'm not there yet, but I'm definitely getting closer to being fully recovered.

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