Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tempo run - 6 miles -- but sloooooowwwww...

My hamstring was feeling a lot better today, so I thought today's short tempo run might go well. But it didn't. The goal was 8:30's on the 3 mile out and 8:00's or better on the way back. Granted, it was uphill -- but I'd still done it a LOT faster the week prior. Here are my splits:


Running was painful at the start and less painful at the end -- but at the end I didn't have the strength in my right leg to keep the speed up. I couldn't easily extend my leg on my push-off which meant that it was always partially bent -- and my quads at the front of my leg were incredibly tired at the end of just 6 miles.

Jenny had me do some stretches afterwards, so I'll have to keep that up. And I'll have to get rid of the pain so that I can run loosely so that my quads don't tighten up.

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