Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Speed work - Mile repeats on a humid night. 4.5 x 1 mile at pace, 1.5 miles a trudge...

So, tonight didn't go very well. It was hot -- roughly 35 degrees C. -- and humid. John Ferguson told us to go easy. The goal was 7 x 1 mile repeats. So my original plan was to go out at 7:30 per mile for the first mile, and then knock off 5 seconds per mile for each additional repeat (separated by 2 minutes 30 seconds). We actually started off better than that pace -- but at 4.5 miles, the heat just had me by the balls and I had to take a break. Jenny came along and I did another 1.5 miles with her at 8-ish minutes per mile. Here are my splits:

7:20 (pace for 1/2 mile)
8:05 (pace for 1/2 mile)

So not a very successful night. The only comfort I could gather was that there were lots of other people who didn't have a good night -- although Bernie managed to knock off 7:10 per mile on average x 7 miles (with between 2:30 and 3 minutes break).

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