Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Speed Work - 5 x 1 mile repeats on a humid night...

Tuesday -- so it must be Speed Work night. Tonight, the Legendary John Ferguson had us continuing to ramp up our mile repeats.

I was still a bit beat up from my 23 mile long run 2 days ago, but felt I could squeeze out 5 x 7 minute miles, separated by at 2:30 walk/jog break. Here are my splits:


So, my average was just a hair over 7 minutes per mile -- although that last mile was brutal.

It was warm (25 degrees-ish) and humid -- raining lightly, in fact -- so it wasn't exactly ideal running conditions.

Bernie LeForte did his last mile in 7:05, and he has been running really well as of late, so I was pretty happy with my 7 minute average.

Less than 6 weeks until Corning. And just 4 more speed work sessions!

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