Tuesday, February 4, 2014

23.28 km long run...

Did it at a 5:37 pace. There is the route:


GMap says it was 23.74 km (14.7 miles) -- but Dave House's GPS said 23.28. Anyhow, the run was good. Not as hilling as the prior weekend, and a bit warmer (-4 was the highest temperature I saw on a pixelboard). There were some bare spots on the roads, so we didn't have to battle the slush the whole way. I ran with Dave House, Kate Brown, Jenny Saucier and another young woman whose name I didn't catch. I'd like to be up to 30 km about 2 weeks before Around the Bay, which is March 30. So still another 5 weeks. If I add roughly a mile per week, I should be good.

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