Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Speed work at Thompson Arena - Ladder from 400 m. to 1000 m and back to 400 m.

Tonight I was very thankful to be running indoors. About -15 C. outside, plus the wind. I'm _so_ done with Winter.

Anyhow, tonight John Ferguson had us doing a ladder from 400 m., rising each repeat by 200 m. until 1,000, and then back down to 400 m. Each repeat separated by a 2 minute break. I ran with Ted and Jeanelle for most of the run.

I was aiming for 52 second laps of the 200 m. track. Here are my splits:

400 m.: 1:42 (51 sec laps)
600 m.: 2:34 (51 sec laps)
800 m.: 3:25 (51 sec laps)
1000 m.: 3:03 for 700 m. then fell apart.
800 m.: 3:33 (54 sec laps)
600 m.: 2:36 (52 sec laps)
400 m.: 1:38 (49 sec laps)

As you can see, everything went pretty well, other than my 1 K loop. I just couldn't keep the pace for the full 1000 m. I left it all out there but walked to the end of 800 m. and rejoined Jeanelle and Ted, who were a little slower than before, but much better than me!

I'm going to blame it on the fact that I played hockey the night before. I already knew it would be a tough speed work session because I _started_ it with sore legs.

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