Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cruise to Run - San Juan

We arrived in San Juan today from Detroit, in preparation for boarding the Caribbean Princess for Cruise to Run 2010 tomorrow. My legs were already a bit twichy as we hadn't been running since we did our hill training speed work on Tuesday - five days ago! The first run wasn't scheduled until the first port out of San Juan -- St. Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands -- but we chatted with Jerry Friesen whom we met in the Holiday Inn Express hotel lobby and he mentioned that a bunch of people were going to do a 10 k run out to the fort and back at 8 am tomorrow, before we board the ship on Sunday afternoon. We spent the rest of the day walking along the beautiful beach, and then 'pre-hydrating' for the next day's run. We met Bart Yasso and his wife -- Bart is the C.R.O. (Chief Running Officer) of Runner`s World magazine -- and Jed asked for some advice on speed-work for a half marathon (Yasso 400`s -- 400 m at your finish time (e.g. 1 min. 35 sec. if you want to do a 1:35:00 half marathon) plus 200 m. rest x 20 repeats).

The beer of the day was Medalla (pronounced meh-di-ya) Light -- a beer brewed in San Juan. It was quite good -- sort of Coors Light-ish. The bar/restaurant of the day was Orozco's -- they had inexpensive Medalla ($2) and $4 for a 'Sunset' -- very friendly and punctual wait staff where we met a couple of girls celebrating a 53rd birthday (neither remotely looked in their 50's). We had supper down the road on Ashford Street at a nice little Italian restaurant, next to Tijuana's (into which we tried to get, but the lineup was too long).

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