Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hill work / speed work

Today Jenny and I did an 8k speed work / hill work session. 1k of warm up plus 7 x 500 m. of hills at, basically, as fast as we could go without puking. 500 m. cool down run between each uphill leg took us to 8k in total. Jenny's calf in one of her legs was still a bit sore from the long run we did on Sunday -- but she still managed to bang out consistent 2:32 to 2:35 500m. uphill legs and finally managed to slow down to 2:40 for the last leg. My hill runs ranged from 2:17 at the start to 2:06 at the finish, so I was reasonably happy with those times.

There was a light snow falling while we were running and the road was wet but not too slippery. Certainly our last hill work session (on dry roads) was a bit faster. But I was satisfied that I worked hard enough to build some muscle and, hopefully, some speed with tonight's run.

Overall -- with the speed segments and the slow cool-down segments -- we were at 6 minutes per kilometer. Not bad, really.

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