Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long Run - 28k

Jenny and I did our long run today, starting from our house with a scenic (in the fog) route to Lucan, a 10 k route around Lucan, and then a 7.5k run back. The temperature was -3 degrees C. when we started and about 1 degree C when we finished. Foggy when we started, but pretty clear when we finished 3 hours later.

At the start, Jenny wanted to do no faster than 5:40/k (9:04 per mile) and in fact we did an average of 5:41/k (9:05/mile). We started in the 5:40-5:50/k range and by the finish we were consistently around 5:30/k with our last mile at a 5:10/k (8:16/mile) pace.

It was a good run. Took us 2:38:26 to do the 27.9k distance. We were both tired by the end, but feeling good. Not out of breath -- but glad to be done.

We get a two weekend break from long runs as we do the Cruise to Run beginning next weekend. Starting in San Juan, Puerto Rico and then going to St. Thomas, Tortola, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados and then back to San Juan. There is a run in each port (other than San Juan). Should be fun!

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