Sunday, August 8, 2010

Exeter Trail Run - 8k Race...

We did the annual 8k trail run in Exeter today, as part of the legendary John Ferguson's marathon training program.

I've done this race several times before, logging finish times of 38:31 (2006), 35:59 (2007) and 36:24 (2009). So my goal going into this one was to beat 36 minutes again (4:30/k). I confess, though, that as I started into the run I had my doubts. I could still feel the effect on my legs from my 9 mile tempo run 2 days prior -- or perhaps it was the horse trials in which I participated yesterday.

Anyhow, I 'went for it' and my split times were respectible:


My finish time was 36:54 -- so not bad, but not great.

Not sure what to make of it. Coach Brian said we were both about a minute off our ideal times to predict a marathon finish where we'd like it to be -- and one could definitely attribute that difference to the fact that the trail was quite hilly.

So, we'll leave it as 'It is what it is'. Next year I hope to be working harder on my short distance times, so maybe that will be the year I set a new PR on this course!

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