Saturday, August 21, 2010

Simcoe Shores - Day 1

I skipped the tempo run this week to 'taper' for the Simcoe Shores 244 km run from Barrie to Collingwood, via Coldwater, Midland, Penetanguishene and Wasaga. My first run was this morning at 9:00. I was the lead runner and my first leg of 24 in the race was 10.6 km. Jenny organized the times and had me down for 4:45 per kilometer, based on my last 10k run at the Hog Jog in June. Not a bad benchmark, actually, because that was a tough, hilly run.

Anyhow, I knocked off that first 10.6 km run with an average pace of 4:40 per km. But it was a very straightforward, relatively flat so there was little to upset the pace that I established fairly early on.

The second run was also about 10.6 km, and the terrain was a bit more hilly. But I was able to knock it off with an average pace of 4:39/km. I came across drained, but felt good to hit the pace.

That run finished at about 7:30 pm -- so when I was done, I tried whatever I could to get some shut-eye. I had lots of 'rest' but no actual sleep. And the next run was coming up soon...

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