Friday, August 6, 2010

Tempo Run - 9 miles (14k) including 4.5 miles at tempo pace

Coach Brian suggested an 8 to 9 mile tempo run this week so I picked something close to 9 miles -- 14 kilometres (about 400 m. short of 9 miles). As usual, I did the first half at 'long run' pace (5:20/k or 8:35/mile) and then stepped it up to something better than race pace for the second half. I was targeting 4:40/k or 7:30/mile.

Race pace for me is 7:30/mile or 4:52 per kilometre, which would have me travel 26.2 miles in 3:25:14.

It was first thing in the morning when I took off from the house -- roughly 6:25 am -- and the sun was just coming up. The temperature was comfortable -- about 20 degrees C. -- and there was just a light breeze.

My first 7 kilometres went like this:

(Average 5:15/k , 8:27/mile)

Then the tempo pace klicks went like this:
(Average 4:40/k, 7:30/mile)

As you can see, I had trouble getting the pace at the start, despite the fact that I was running on a slight downhill grade. And I wanted to walk a gazillion times. But as I got closer to the finish, I focused on my form and 'getting through it'. The last kilometer was on a slight uphill grade on a gravel road, so hitting a 4:31 pace (7:17/mile) wasn't bad.

Total time was 1:09:25

I weighed myself this morning after the run and I was just under 180 lbs. for the first time in the training. So if I can keep this weight or better, I should be in fine form for November!

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