Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long Run - 19.2 KM (11.9 miles)

Today I screwed up the route. Instead of printing the 13.1 mile route, I printed the 13.1 K route. So I had to improvise to try to get in the entire half-marathon distance, as was my plan. Looking back at it, I was about 2 km. off. Here is the route I did.

My GPS crashed because of low battery about 1 km into the route. I had thrown it into my bag a few days prior and neglected to verify that it was fully charged. So, all I know is that for the first 6 miles, my pace as 5:13 per km -- which is right where I wanted to be for a training run. And then for the last few miles, all I know is that Chris Lanooy and I were running very strongly together. It was a perfect morning for a run (for me).

Lots of hills with this route -- so I'm not sure if I can pull off a PB or not. Last year I was 1:41:40 and my previous personal best was 1:40:18 -- so something close or achieving PB would be great, and I just hope I'm faster than last year!

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