Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Forest City Road Races Half Marathon - 1:40:47

Well, not a personal best, but only 30 seconds off (less than 1.5 seconds per kilometre)! Once again, I didn't have anything left in the tank. My legs were sore and tired from the hills and the last one up Talbot St. to Central Ave. just did me in. But, all-in-all, I was pleased with the run. And just being 30 seconds off my PB -- which was when I was in possibly the best condition of my life -- ain't bad.

My GPS was quite a ways off the measured course, so my splits, below, are not accurate. The GPS had me covering an extra 190 metres -- which would easily account for my 47 seconds needed to hit my 1 hour 40 minute goal. So, keep in mind that the splits are about 3 seconds _slow_ from the actual measured course:

4:33 (downhill - Queens Ave.)
5:02 (uphill - St. James St.)
4:49 (uphill - Windermere)
4:42 (downhill - Windermere)
5:03 (uphill - Talbot St.)
4:09 pace for 289 m.

According to my GPS, my average pace was 4:44 per kilometre -- so right on my goal time of 1:40. But I new from the first kilometre marker that my GPS was "off", so really there are no excuses. I simply didn't have the gas in the tank.

As my pre-race regimen, I loaded up on spaghetti last night, and had a big bowl of ice cream as well. In the morning I had a big bowl of mini-wheats, and then a bagel and medium black coffee before the run. That seemed to do me okay -- I just had one Clif Block during the run itself, and I wasn't starving by the end.

One thing that I learned from Coach Brian at the Around the Bay race was to drink a bit of water and then splash a bit in my face to wake me up. Definitely worked!

Anyhow, that's it for serious races for a couple of months!

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