Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 km Tempo Run (sort of) - Average pace: 4:54

I missed speed work on Tuesday, and decided to do a modified "Tempo" run tonight -- going from the office to the house, a 7 kilometre run generally downhill. Sounds easy, right? Except for the 40 km/h (estimate wind in my face, it would have been. It was actually a super tough run and I wanted to quit multiple times. But I kept going and I'm glad I did. Here are my splits:


Ideally, I should have done 4:30 per kilometre. And perhaps on a normal day, I could have. But today, it was all I had to get home in the time I did.

The Toledo half marathon is in just over 2 weeks. I'd like to, ideally, break 1:40:00 which means hitting a pace of 4:44 per kilometre. I'm not sure, today, if I can make that pace. But I'm gonna try.

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