Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 x 1 Kilometre Repeats at Gibbons Park...

Today was Canada Day and so we ran our 8th Annual Canada Day Half Marathon this morning, going from Tim Hortons in Lucan to Brian Watson's home on Lumb Court in London -- 22 Km. But I didn't get to run it. I was managing the water stops and course, so there was no time for me (or Brian, for that matter) to get out for a run. So we joined what was left of the Runner's Choice marathon training group to do speed work tonight. We were to do 4, 5 or 6 repeats of 1 kilometre. I originally chose 4 because (a) it was muggy and (b) my right knee was already sore from climbing in and out of the truck 60+ times to spray paint the roads, pound in the K markers and then take them out again! I was aiming for 4:20s per km. followed by a 2 minute break after each lap. Here are my splits:

4:20ish (screwed up my watch)

I was definitely working hard. I eventually found the halfway point marker on the path and used that to gauge my pace a bit better -- although on the 4th lap it didn't help much!

Looking at previous speed work sessions, these were a bit slow -- but on different conditions:
http://blog.brucelamb.com/2010/08/speed-work-5-x-1000-m.html (on William Street - 4:11 per k.)
http://blog.brucelamb.com/2012/03/hamstring-treatment-week-16-speed-work.html (Thompson Arena track - 4:20.4/k.)
http://blog.brucelamb.com/2011/08/1-km-repeats.html (Gibbons Park - 7 repeats - 4:05 for the first 5)

So still a ways to go to hit my August 2011 7x1 km times.

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