Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Parloff Relay at TD Waterhouse Stadium

Today we did a Parloff Relay at the track at Western University. This workout is always a favourite because it is over relatively quickly (25 minutes) and yet you're working as hard as ever. Basically, The Legendary John Ferguson has everyone pair up with a partner of roughly equal speed and then he starts the run around the track with one member of each team. That member goes around the track as fast as they can and then hands the baton to the other member of the team to do the same. This continues with each member of the two-person team completing a lap and handing the baton to the other partner until they are done at least a grand total time of 25 minutes. If you are handed the baton at 24:59, you still have to complete your lap!

Jenny and I joined up again. Here are our splits:

1:50 (Jenny)
1:31 (Me)
1:44 (Jenny)
1:29 (Me)
1:40 (Jenny)
1:32 (Me)
1:37 (Jenny)
1:29 (Me)
1:35 (Jenny)
1:29 (Me)
1:33 (Jenny)
1:31 (Me)
1:34 (Jenny)
1:31 (Me)
1:36 (Jenny)
1:29 (Me)

My average of the 8 laps was 1:30.13 which isn't terrible. I was hoping for between 1:20 and 1:30, but was working hard to even get the 1:30s. There was a pretty stiff headwind on the east side of the track that may have had an impact. The temperature was cool, though, for July -- roughly 20 degrees C.

Here are the comparison times:

1:29.53 http://blog.brucelamb.com/2013/02/speed-work-parloff-relay-at-thompson.html
1:32.88 http://blog.brucelamb.com/2012/07/jenny-and-i-did-parloff-relay-today-at.html
1:32.62 http://blog.brucelamb.com/2012/02/hamstring-treatment-week-14-4-miles.html
1:23 http://blog.brucelamb.com/2011/09/speed-work-parloff-relay-part-deux.html
1:30:62 http://blog.brucelamb.com/2011/07/speed-work-parloff-relay.html

So this is my second fastest time on the outdoor track -- and about half a second faster than I was in July the year that I set my marathon personal best in November. So I may be 'in the zone'. Let's hope!

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