Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Speed Work - Loops around Harris Park

Tonight we did a 1 mile warm-up from Gibbons Park to Harris Park, and then 4 loops around the park: A speed run up the roadway to Ridout Street. An easy run down the Queens Ave. bridge across the Thames River. A speed run on the west side of the river (roughly 750 m.). An easy run across Blackfriars Bridge into Harris Park. Repeat 3 more times. Here are my Speed splits:

Up the Hill:
1:28.67 (4:41 pace)
1:27.80 (4:50 pace)
1:26.52 (4:29 pace)
1:24.02 (4:23 pace)

750 m. Path:
3:06.15 (4:11 pace)
3:03.15 (4:06 pace)
2:58.75 (4:00 pace)
2:54.70 (3:56 pace)

Even though after each run I felt like I'd left it all out there, I was able to get continually faster.

Looking at last year's workout, my average time on the 750 m. stretch was 3:03. Tonight it was 3:00.7 -- so over 2 seconds faster. (The hill route was slightly different, so the times are off by quite a bit there.)

It was a cool night (19 degrees C.), which helped me a lot. I felt that I was just battling the road, and not the heat.

Tonight was an excellent run!

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