Thursday, July 24, 2014

9 mile (14 kilometre) Tempo Run from Gibbons Park

Tonight we were on for a 9 mile tempo run. A bit shorter than last week, but still long enough that it was going to be a challenge. As always, I didn't know what I would be capable of. The temperature was excellent for July -- around 20 degrees C. But I had three Guinness at lunch a few hours prior, and it was only 2 days since the Speed Work ladder that had me struggling during the last half.

Anyhow, my general plan was to go our really comfortably, and then try to hit 4:30 per kilometre on the way back for as long as I could. And if I did any kilometre slower than a 4:40, I'd take a break and try to muddle through. Sort of counter-intuitive, I know: If I go slowly, I get to take a break. But my mindset (and that of most competitors) is to not get broken by the goal.

Here are my splits:

4:49 (up Harris Park hill)
4:51 (just trying to get back)

So my average for the full 9 miles was 5:03. But my average pace for the 7 'fast' kilometres was 4:38.7 (7:29/mile) -- 4:34 (7:21/mile) if you just look at the first 5 kilometres. Anyhow, it is what it is. I didn't have anything more in the legs to get me back any faster. Not as good as my run last week, nor as good as the 9-miler on July 25 2013.

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