Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Speed Work - 1K Repeats x 6

During the Civic Holiday long weekend, I didn't get a long run in. So, I thought with my muscles all nice and relaxed and repaired, I'd have a great speed work session tonight.

BUT. But, I did a mountain bike ride yesterday morning. And then played a couple of chukkers of polo in the afternoon. So by this morning, I had lots of sore muscles. So much for being repaired!

Anyhow, I figured I'd go out tonight and do our 1 kilometre repeats at a target pace of 4:10 (50 seconds per 200 m. segment) with a 2 minute break between each repeat.

Here are my splits:


My average pace was a bit under 4:08 per kilometre. The best comparison I could find was from 2011 (http://blog.brucelamb.com/2011/08/1-km-repeats.html) (4:07.33 for 6k, 4:08.7 for 7k) so I'm pretty happy with the run.

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