Sunday, February 1, 2015

33.19 km (20.6 mile) Long run in wind and snow...

There is only one way to describe this run: Tough. I took it easy the whole way, although "easy" got tougher and tougher as we ran. I did the first 4 miles with the Boston Breakfast Club, leaving Goodlife Fitness at 7:20ish. Then I did another 16.6 miles through the park, up to Boler and Southdale, over the swaybacks to Wickerson and then back to Goodlife again. So a few hills. It was snowing lightly the whole time, and the temperature actually got cooler over the course of the run. But I got through it and actually felt reasonably good at the end -- especially when we hit some pavement with something resembling traction at the end!

It took me 3:11:39 to complete the 33.19 km run (5:46 per km). So, way slower that it would be in dry weather, but not bad considering the conditions.

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