Sunday, March 1, 2015

35.31 km (22 mile) long run in 3:14:26 (5:30/km pace)

It's been a hell of a February. The coldest February ever recorded in London. So it was actually nice when the forecast "high" temperature today looked like it would hit a balmy -4 C. I did my "Boston Breakfast Club" 4 mile run with Deidre Caskenette, who is training for Boston, and Brian Kilburn who isn't training for anything. Deidre had to listen to Brian and me drone on about politics and hockey for a full 36 minutes. Lucky her!

We then went out to do the Springbank Park loop (12 miles) plus an additional 6 mile out-and-back within the park to get us our total of 22 miles. I ran most of it with Dave Prentice, although he pulled away for the last 6 km or so.

The path was slippy at the start of the run but better near the end of the run. It was still tough, though, and I found my pace slowing significantly as the run went on. But when we are on the final kick coming up King Street, I was able to get up to something nearing in on marathon pace.

My average pace was 5:30 per km -- but the initial 4 miles was at a slow 6 minute K pace, and the last 5 kilometres were at around a 5:35 pace -- so both those skewed the average pace down by a fair bit. Most of the time when I looked at my watch, we were at 5:20 or faster, which is where I wanted to be (8:30/mile).

All-in-all, I'll take it. Given dry (i.e. not snow covered) roads, my pace throughout the run would have been much better.

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