Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crappy 1000 m. (1K) Repeats at Thompson Arena...

I felt like my legs might be lead even during the warm up, but when I started my first lap of the actual speed work I felt okay. It wasn't to last.

I was going out for 4:10 per km -- 50 second laps -- which I had done previously. Actually, back in August 2010, I did an average of 4:05 per kilometre. But my math was wonky and I somehow figured I should do 52 second laps. I figured out my error fairly quickly after the first repeat.

John wanted us to do 4, 5 or 6 repeats of 1000 m. (5 laps). I went out looking for 6, but it was falling apart so I capped it at 5. Here are my splits:


In each of the last two repeats, I was able to do my last lap in 50 seconds and 47 seconds -- so if I needed to dig deep, I could. But I was 'done' at the end.

Chatting with other runners, lots of folks who did the 22 miler 2 days ago also didn't have great runs. Gillian, Chris, Blair, Clive -- everyone was slower than they wanted to be. Also, I played hockey on the prior Friday, Saturday and Monday (last night) so it is very possible that my legs were just beat.

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