Friday, October 29, 2010

2nd Last Tempo Run -- this time in Florida!

Jenny and I were in Key West, Florida today -- the first port of call in our 5 day cruise in the Caribbean. I was up relatively early and on the road to get in my scheduled 9 mile tempo run. The plan was to do the first 4.5 miles at long run pace and the last half at tempo pace.

The run out was uneventful. The route was flat and my pace was right on the money. It was starting to get warm though as the sun rose, and when I stopped at the turnaround point, my face became flushed with heat. The towel that I was using to wipe the sweat from my face was already drenched. So I took about a 5 minute break -- certainly enough time to give me the best chance of success at getting back to the ship at tempo pace.

But that pace was not to be. Despite my resolve to keep pushing through the pain, the muscles simply were not getting enough oxygen from the thick air, and I could feel myself overheating. I took two rest breaks during the 4.5 mile run back. Pathetic, really.

Also, I don't know my pace during those fast miles since my GPS ran out of battery power. The first 1.5 miles were on track, as was likely the last mile, since once I got into the town, the shade of the buildings cooled me down. But those middle 2 miles were likely at 'long run' pace or worse.

So, not a great 2nd last tempo run.

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