Sunday, October 31, 2010

Very good last 'long run' -- on the treadmill...

Today was an 'at sea' day on the cruise, so after a light breakfast, Jenny and I went to the on-board gym, which included 8 treadmills.

The goal today was 10 to 12 miles at long run pace. I chose 10 miles since we were already going way over the 20 minute limit they had on the treadmills. Once we figured out how the things worked, we ramped up my speed to 8:20 per mile and off I 'ran'.

I had no problem keeping the pace although it definitely seemed easier after mile 3. Depite the gym being air conditioned, I was sweating profusely, getting sweat droplets all over the machine. And one side benefit was that I could put my hand on a bar near the console to get my pulse -- 172 or 173 -- which sounded about right.

For miles 9 and 10, I ramped the pace to slightly faster than marathon pace: 7:47 per mile. And I felt fine! And my heart rate actually fell a tiny bit -- to 171-ish BPM.

No breaks, and I was able to carry on a conversation with Jenny, who ran beside me, the whole way. Definitely a confidence booster!

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